showroom — space & experience design

Paris — Arkema's headquarter

Atelier 4.20

Paris — Arkema's headquarter

— Enter 200m2 of experiences in a designed space dedicated to innovative chemistry

The 200m2 showroom located at Arkema headquarters was designed as a real immersive journey which aims to embody the Innovative Chemistry, Arkema’s major vision, to represent the different axes of R&D, but also to present chemistry innovations that are often invisible and yet so integrated into our daily lives.

Educational support for some, sales tool or interactive lab for others, the showroom allows group employees, partners, shareholders or the media to better understand Arkema’s innovations through an experiential journey of eight, made to measure, interactive installations.

Each sector of the place, representative of a research pole, has been the subject of meticulous researches in order to determine both the most attractive and the clearest possible way to illustrate the point, but also to suggest the excellence of the group’s products and strengthen its position as a designer of materials.

The final design of the place, like that of the experiments, had to be a subtle compromise between an innovative environment, a fair and effective communication tool and a warm and easy-to-access approach.
This is why each part is, in its smallest details, unique, conceived as the adequate response and resulting from a real dialogue between scenography, experiences and message.

Atelier 4.20 is today a place that exceeds initial ambitions since, if it is always full, new uses are also made of it daily as a place for creative meetings, filming of explanatory videos and that the interactive concepts designed are also deployed at the various international trade fairs of the group.

Commissioned by:
Terre de Sienne
Concept, Creative Direction, Design and Development
Interior Design:
Julya Baisson
  • Top/Com Grand Prix 2018, Gold, design category

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