Generative Art — Commission

Paris — Desperados × 9e Concept

Desperados Art Collection 23 × Nefrit

Paris — Desperados × 9e Concept

— Generative art invites itself to the 23rd edition of Desperados Art Collection

Since 1999, Desperados® and 9th Concept have been inviting an emerging talent to revisit the label of the Desperados® Original bottle, turning it into a canvas for artistic creation.

For the 23rd edition of the Desperados® Art Collection, the brand commissioned Marseille-based artist Nefrit, with an innovative concept derived from digital arts: the generative art.

Top: © ABSOLT — Bottom: © Julya Baisson
© Julya Baisson

The Studio teamed up with Nefrit to frame and develop an algorithm capable of designing a self-generating work.

Adept at out-of-frame pieces, where textures, gestures and collected fragments intertwine and link, Nefrit’s style is particularly suited to this digital art technique. Selection of colours, shapes, patterns, associations of elements… the algorithm allows a complete modulation of the visual, while respecting the graphic criterias established by itself.

We also collaborated with the artist to create an animated visual directly from the algorithm, broadcasted on the large LED screens façade of the EP7 during the launch event.

Each guest of this event had the opportunity to dive into Nefrit’s creation through an interactive installation to create their own label using the algorithm we developed.

Each creation was printed on a sticker for the guest to customize their own bottle. +1K custom label were created by the 350 guests within 5 hours.


To do so, we designed the venue with two installations presenting Nefrit’s graphic universe, where each guest can create their own design.

We have also supported the Collective by designing multiple scenographic elements for the venue to display and showcase Nefrit’s Art Collection Edition.

By using a simple interface with 4 steps, the guests can create a random shape and choose between 3 types of textures giving an unique look to their label. The users can also switch the angle of their design, and choose between several color blends.

Each step is bound to a random system which ensures to produce a unique, recognizable design among all guests.

© Julya Baisson

The generative system is based on Nefrit’s own opinion of his works. We worked closely with the artist in order to understand how his design works, and broke it down into multiple rules such a main shape, subsidiary shapes, waveform, lightning… resulting in a system where any pre-made 3D assets were used.

The whole system is also designed to work in real time to ensure the creation of multiple labels in the shortest amount of time. It and can also be animated to provide more flexibility during the production of the video motion, broadcasted on the façade of the building.

Commissioned by:
9e Concept
Art Supervision, Generative Design, UX, Scenography, Real Time Software Development
A/V Support:
ABSOLT, Julya Baisson
Motion Design:
Florian Coppier

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