interactive installation — product launch

Carrousel du Louvre — adidas Originals

Enter the grid

Carrousel du Louvre — adidas Originals

— Step into a full body 3D scanner and discover your avatar in the Deerupt grid universe

For the launch of their new sneaker line called Deerupt, Adidas Originals organised a series of creative events in Paris, London, Manchester and Amsterdam.

We presented a custom-made interactive experience for those shows, to mark the entrance of the guests on the grid, the main pattern of the sneaker.

Once the user places themselves in the zone, they then becomes the model of a 3D body scanner that will, in real-time, reinterpret their body as a grid to create their personal Deerupt avatar.

At the end of the shoot, users get an instant view of the video projected on the screen in front of them.

They also receive an email that contains digital versions of his experience such as the video of the shoot, a profile picture taken out of it and a packshot of pictures (cover, banner, etc.) so that they can share the experience on social media.

Various graphic iterations have been made to achieve the final stage of the sculpture design from pure reflective white, to black and white matte mesh and dithered texture.

The sculpture is made up of 3 different parts. The texture part displays the infrared image of the camera with a dithering effect. This part will explode revealing the second part, an underlying grid, representing the Deerupt universe. The third part is composed by a set of blue and red particles which move around the user and represent the Deerupt shoe by its iconic colours.

Itération 1
Itération 2
Itération 3
Itération 4
early design iterations
early design iterations
two Kinects data synchronised to made the full mesh

The scanner has been made using two synchronised depth cameras known as the Kinect One. Each Kinect sends body depth data information to the main server which creates the 3D mesh of the user within a few seconds.

All animations on the mesh are made on the GPU using a custom made 3D engine and shaders allowing us to create complex animations and rendering in realtime.

raw body mesh from depth data
Commissioned by:
Pavillon Noir
Concept, Creative Direction, Design and Development
  • Le Book Connection Berlin 2018 — Non-traditional experience

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