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Philharmonie de Paris — Romain Benitez - Audi


Philharmonie de Paris — Romain Benitez - Audi

— Travel through a new world generated from an electro-symphonic show

During the “Musique à l’image” (From music to picture) weekend which takes place at the Philharmonie de Paris, Romain Benitez, a french composer, presented, for the first time, his show “Infinite, a Space Odyssey”. Winner of the Audi Talent Awards, Romain asked us to help him imagine a cosmic universe generated by his music and live performance. For this show, we conceived a generative journey through space where viewers can travel from planets to black holes…

Throughout the show, Romain acts as a conductor, switching from one instrument to another. During the live performance, every note played creates a new element inside the universe or feeds the reaction of the actual cosmic elements. The visual, translating the musician’s behavior and plays, allows the spectator to live a fully immersive experience, to be part of Romain’s odyssey.

excerpts from scenes 1 and 2

The show was made using the 3D game engine Unity3D. The engine allows us to use figurative 3D shape with generative ones, blending the boundaries between the pre-defined storyboard, the generative world and real time reaction to the music.

excerpts from scene 3

Starting with the discovery of a new galaxy emiting soundwaves, spectators travel through a tunnel which will lead them to a new solar system. They discover planets whose rings are fed by music, followed by fireflies flying above eruptive mountains or plunging into a blackhole. Each environment is based on the music performed live, from acoustic instruments to electronic devices.

style frame from scene 2

The engine receives informations from various custom made Max/MSP patches which analyse the music played by Romain on stage in order to trigger actions on the visual environment. By this technique we create a full sound reactive environment, not only based on the global sound but on each instrument and note played by the musician.

Max/MSP patches for real time musical performance analysis
Commissioned by:
Romain Benitez, Audi Talent Awards winner
Concept, Design and Development
Art Supervisor:
  • Le Book Connection Paris 2018 — Non-traditional experience

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