Interactive installation — Commission

Ep7, Paris — Nike

Nike Air Max Day 2023

Ep7, Paris — Nike

© Julya Baisson (center) & Nike (right)

— Create your own customized avatar and join the Air Max community


In March, we teamed up with Nike Paris and Perimetre to celebrate Nike’s Air Max Day 2023 via a digital experience designed to let their fans’ personalities shine.

Together, we’ve created a 3D scanning experience, empowering all guests to create their own customized 3D avatar, dress them up with the latest Nike outfit, and showcase their creation in real-time on the iconic EP7 Paris façade.

As part of the Air Max Day, the worldwide annual celebration organized by Nike since 2014, we have worked closely with Perimetre, a Parisian creative studio, to craft a digital experience within a very short amount of time, exclusively for Nike Paris. Our scope of work included: the conception, production and installation of four photobooths, each incorporating a 3D scanning and avatar customization app (powered by Avaturn), the development and implementation of the avatars’ animation, the design of in-screen staging and their livestreaming on the EP7 giant screens, designed as boxes. We also created additional avatars’ poses using motion capture, optimized CGI assets (clothes, accessories) and managed the whole UGC system (avatars generator software, download via QR code, monitoring, …).

© Julya Baisson (top) & Nike (bottom right)
© Nike (center)

As visitors step into the venue, they are welcomed by four scanning booths, each equipped with a tablet they can freely use to capture three snapshots of their face, creating a full 3D scanned avatar of themselves within seconds.

Once created, this avatar is ready to be personalized, allowing adjustments to skin tone, height, body shape, hairstyles, and more, using a diverse library of meticulously crafted Nike outfits, including clothes, accessories, and the brand new Nike Pulse shoes, ensuring they can dress in style.

Upon completion and approval, a QR code appears on the tablet, allowing them to collect a video of their avatar, providing a memorable and shareable experience.

Last but not least, their personalized avatar is swiftly animated and instantly displayed on the outdoor LED screen of the venue, alongside PSG’s young phenomenon Warren Zaïre-Emery and Olympic gold medalist foil fencer Enzo Lefort, for everyone to see.

Crafted from a robust tubular system, the booths, as a key part of the experience, had to balance both Nike’s excellence in design, safety and practicability.

As you step into these booths, a ring light and a tablet are waiting, making the experience super easy to use by the guests, without any assistance required.

© Julya Baisson (center)
© Ben Berzeker (Top), Nike (right), Julya Baisson (left)

By stepping outside the venue, all guests could witness their digital doppelgängers come to life on the massive moving screen.

The in-stage screen has been designed as an arrangement of anamorphic boxes, accentuating the immersive perspective of the experience. All avatars created by the guests are animated, striking natural or fashionable poses, in coordination with the brand ambassadors, fostering a strong sense of community.

In between the avatar parades, exclusive brand content meticulously crafted to celebrate the launch of the new Air Max Pulse was presented, adding an extra layer of excitement to this event.

To ensure top-notch quality in our experience, we used advanced real-time raytracing in our app, a technique renowned for its ability to elevate visual excellence by faithfully replicating light behavior, resulting in remarkably realistic reflections, shadows, and lighting effects.

A virtual server is at the core of this operation, ensuring everything runs smoothly. When four avatars are ready on the server, the app on the LED screen instantly brings them in, fitting them seamlessly into the customized timeline. Additionally, the server generates unique URLs for all guests to easily download their personalized avatars.

Commissioned by:
Perimetre Studio
Scenography, Real-time production and development, web-development, 3D design, clothes & accessories 3D assets optimization, motion capture
3D Design:
Theo Rocquancourt, Florian Coppier, Perimetre Studio
Additional Development:
Nacho Cossio, Max Vermesch, Avaturn
A/V Support:
Julya Baisson, Ben Berzeker, Nike
  • Bronze Award 2022, Digital Installations, European Design Awards

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