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Paris — Bonjour Lab


Paris — Bonjour Lab

— Sculpt yourself into the marble block

At a time where data defines our digital life, tracking our web surfing and using social media activity is a way to create our own digital self-portrait. This image is created by our use of it : posts written, images we liked, shared pages… all of it participate to a kind of sculpture of our digital self-portrait.

Non-Finito is a sculpting technic meaning the work is unifished. As our digital self is always evolving, from photos on social media to our tweet status, our digital self portrait will always stay in this state of a Non Finito.

various generated sculptures

This sculpture intends to be a transcription, a snapshot of our constantly evolving digital identity, never completed, between past and future.
Each time the user participates he or she will discover a new rock, based on a generative algorithm modulating the marble pattern and its iridescent ratio.

This piece is a sensitive sculpture shaping itself according the behaviour of its viewers. It consists of a screen and audio output, showing a floating digital rock. Each time a viewer steps into the field of detection, he or she will sculpt him- or herself from the rock. When leaving, the rock will be replaced by another generative one.

Each sculpture is revealed to the user as a unique film where each shot is randomly generated by the software based on a library of shots. By modulating the shots on the movie the piece adds uniqueness to each user. It translates the uniqueness of our digital life.

The generative sculpture is made using a depth camera known as a Kinect One. The application takes a picture of the depth information of the user and recreates a full body mesh from it.
Each sculpture is displayed using a custom java 3D engine which generates a unique marble texture for each user. The camera is placed in the environment following various body targets, such as the head of the user, in order to create variation for each created video.

Kinect body point cloud construction
early mesh construction and visual iteration
Commissioned by:
Bonjour Lab
Concept, Creative Direction, Design and Development

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