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Carrousel du Louvre — Bonjour Lab


Carrousel du Louvre — Bonjour Lab

— Enter a digital scanner to leave, for a brief moment, a floating image of your digital avatar

Data and big data are now all around us and we generate them as we move from one website to another, or on social networks. This data can reflect our behavior, interests, moods and thus form a digital imprint of ourselves. With each new surf session, this footprint is enhanced with additional data that creates a new snapshot of our lives over and over again.

As the visitor approaches the end of the tunnel, the visitor is scanned and a 3D silhouette captured. The scanner will reveal a 3D point cloud interpretation of the user as its going down. A generative sound design reinforces the experience and takes into account the height, the width of the silhouette as well as their number and their distribution in space. At the end of the scanning cycle, the created silhouette stands for a quick amount of time before collapsing like a sand castle.

Passage is an interactive installation which reinterprets this digital imprint visually and audibly. The piece is conceived as a looping scanner standing at the end of a large corridor where the visitor is invited to enter. As the user crosses this corridor, he or she will discover the large scanning band going from up to down in a loop.

The piece was shown for the first time during an art exhibition organized by Tranoï at Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.
Then it was displayed during different art exhibitions such as “GLOBAL DIGITAL” at ZKM (Center of Art and Media, Karlsruhe), FILE Festival (São Paulo) and other exhibitions all around the world organised by the Lumen Prize Exhibition (the piece won the runner-up prize, in 2013 for its first edition).

The installation is made using a depth camera known has the Kinect One. The application detects the users standing in front of the camera. Each time the scanning band touches one of them, the application takes the depth information of the user from the camera and recreates a simple point cloud silhouette.

First installation at Carrousel du Louvre, Paris
Commissioned by:
Concept, Creative Direction, Design and Development
Julya Baisson
Last Exhibitions:
  • Microworld & Fusion:
    Adventure in digital art
  • Eureka!
    The National Children's Museum,
    Halifax, United Kingdom

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