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Paris — Splendens Factory


Paris — Splendens Factory

— Discover the inner live of a living organism, such as a plant, when we interact with it

Stimula is a connected organism, this piece questions the notion of ephemeral at the same time as it gives a perception of a plant as a real living organism and not as a simple inert decorative object. By standing and interacting with the organism, the user will discover a real-time interpretation of the information generated by the plant in response to environmental and human stimuli.

The piece combines interaction design, data art and sound design. It consists of a plant connected to various electronic sensors which then make it possible to detect the notion of touch and also the force of touch on it (caress, grab, violate). When the user stands in front of the organism he will discover, on screen, the plant as a simple sphere surrounded by it’s data.

As the user touches the plant, its visual interpretation will start to react to the human stimula. The sphere will no longer have a steady breath but will be perturbated by the electric stimuli of the human touch. By modulating this touch, such as through a simple caress or a hard grab, the sphere will be more or less deformed, translating this force as a visual output.

Arduino board used to capture the data from the plant

All the surrounding universe represents the environmental data (temperature, air quality, ground moisture, etc.) in which the plant is evolving.

Technically, the organism is plugged to various sensors controlled by an Arduino board. Each time the flower is touched, it will trigger a reaction on it by modulating the electricity going going on it. The amplitude of this variation triggers a brutal change into the virtual space where the sphere is perturbated by the changing flux.

Commissioned by:
Splendens Factory
Concept, Creative Direction, Design and Development
Julya Baisson

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