generative visual show — 360° concert

Gaîté Lyrique — Allo Floride

The Geek × VRV

Gaîté Lyrique — Allo Floride

— From funky Motown to electronic Vaporwave, live the universe of the french duo Geek × VRV during their live tour

On the occasion of the 1st French date of the group The Geek × VRV in January 2017 at the Gaîté Lyrique, Bonjour produced a 360° visual show which will dress the whole tour. The group proposes an evolutive music show where the audience can experience their influences from the funky era of the Motown to the new electronic age.

In order to translate this large spectrum of universes, we conceived the show in three visual acts, each one of them inspired by the influence of the group.
The first act consists of still life compositions using iconic elements of the US on which we project image from the 70’s. In the second act, which is marked by the introduction of the electronic influence on the show, the spectator is immersed into vapor wave marble soft shapes. Each shapes translating the modulation of the electronic music. The third and last act presented 3D blobby shapes evolving in various colorful environments.

still frames from scene 02

Each act is made up of a large amount of scenes in order to create a graphic library. By working with separate assets, the group can change the order of the show or the composition of it, allowing an evolution during the tour. As each show has it’s uniqueness in the music, it is also have it on its visual.

still frames from scene 03

During the performance we used VJing software in order to bring more real time variations to each scene with different effects like symmetry, zoom and kaleidoscopic. In this way, we bring more organic reactions to the show where the visuals are performed live by the director. At the end of the concert, the group gets the saved visual performance for the next shows.

The custom 3D engine is written in Java and based on openGL. Using it allowed us to iterate through the scenes in real-time with custom shaders and lighting techniques without waiting for the necessary rendering time of classic 3D software.

We added an export capability to the engine in order to save per image animations with various passes such as Beauty, Albedo, Depth, Stencil and Object ID. Because the engine is fit for real-time environnement, each Full HD image can be saved in less than a second without any compression. Then each per image sequence can be then processed into a classic compositing software in order to prepare the final images for the show.

color RnD for scene 03
Commissioned by:
Allo Floride
The Geek × VRV
Concept, Creative Direction, Design and Development
Art Supervisor:
Les Gentils Garçons

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