Procedural NFT — Commission

Cryptobees — Guerlain

The Reaverse Project

Cryptobees — Guerlain

— A unique collection of 1828 NFT to finance the rewilding a 69 acres nature reserve: The Millière Valley.

To pursue its commitment to the environmental issues, Guerlain decides to help and support Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s project, the Millière Valley.

The project aims to rebuild 69 acres of the valley and create a reserve for the fauna and flora. The valley will be used to raise awareness of the flora and fauna questions which is at the heart of the photographer’s approach.

To do so, the brand proposes to each one to support the project through a collection of 1828 Cryptobees listed as NFTs on the clean energy efficient blockchain: Tezos.

The valley is virtually divided into 1828 parcels, thus, each Cryptobee sponsors a parcel and is connected to it through the unique characteristics representing the richness of the reserve.

The sales directly contribute to the rewilding of the area as 100% of them will be directly invested into the project. The NFTs owners will also have access to the unique contents throughout the development of the project.

Each NFT can be bought on the Tezos marketplace through the Reaverse Collection. The campaign started with  an auction of the 20 special cryptobees, one the rarest, to start interacting with the community.

After the auction, the brand listed the 1800 remaining NFT including the rare and common ones at 50 and 20 XTZ each. At the end of the campaign, the brand released 8 custom cryptobees, the rarest, as a giveaway to random buyer among the community.

To bring uniqueness and variety among the Cryptobees, we propose to links them to geoligical and flora elements inspired by the Valley.

We use 21 natural geological materials for the bees and 15 varieties of flowers and plants identified in the reserve to create 1828 unique bees using a procedural approach.

Each NFT has its own unique attributes which describe it such as its rarity level, the garden type, the flora shown on the image or the material of the bee.

Among these attributes, we also include a unique geo coordinates, set randomly, on the reserve using a custom program made at the studio.
This program allows us to dispatch each NFT on the reserve and assure all the area was covered. It also calculates the medium area which is rewilded by the NFT: 147m2

Commissioned by:
Art Supervision, 3D Design and NFT Technical support
3D Design:
Theo Rocquancourt
Art Supervisor:
MNSTR & Bonjour lab
  • Bronze, Digital Craft, Technological achievement in Digital Craft, Eurobest 2022
  • Gold & Silver, Epica Awards 2022
  • Grand Prix Statégies Luxe 2022, 3×Gold Statégies Luxe 2022
  • Grand Prix Statégies du Brand Content 2022

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