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SIHH 2016 — Roger Dubuis


SIHH 2016 — Roger Dubuis

— Make the cover of a luxury magazine at the Watches & Wonders event

Every year, the Watches & Wonders event, previously named Salon de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH), invites the major brands of luxury watchmaking to reveal their new collections in a unique place in Geneva. In 2016, Roger Dubuis, a Richemont Group brand, commissioned us to create an interactive experience about their new collection inspired by the fashion world.

The user is invited to choose between 5 different covers, each one inspired by a watch of the Velvet collection. After the selection done, the user is invited to move in front of the camera to reveal himself in the animated cover of the magazine. Each cover has a unique generative and graphic style, from kaleidoscopic effect of a diamond, to a floral environment or a fashion sketch.

Based on the visual universe of fashion, we give the user the opportunity to make the cover of a digital fashion magazine. The public is invited to step into a room which is designed as a fashion photography studio. The user is welcomed by a host who will take the role of the stage director and will lead her during the photoshoot.

users can choose between different styles

Each cover is created using a specific generative style combining various real-time techniques such as image analysis to create drawn contour lines, double-exposure shaders or generative 3D flower scenes. By using generative techniques, the same style can be triggered a large amount of times and be always different by modulating its variables. For example, the flower scene will be different by its number of flowers, their size, placement, colours or lighting. The Daring style, which is represented by a shattering mirror, will modulate the shattering direction, force and placement for each cover. Each style is then placed into a unique animated mockup cover for each watch.

participants get a printed image of their cover plus a digital one

Once the video is completed, the user receives it by email and can then download it and share it on social networks. He also gets a set of images that he can use as a profile picture on Twitter or Facebook…

All videos created were also hosted on a dedicated website where people could watch and share any video.

Commissioned by:
Roger Dubuis
Roger Dubuis
Concept, Creative Direction, Design and Development

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